The Nuisance Committee: Fighting Trump with Trump

How do you win headlines in an environment that rewards the loudest voices with the most outrageous messages? The makers of the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity board game think they have the answer.

Using the proceeds from the sales of its election-themed game expansion pack, they’ve created a political action committee to give Donald Trump a run for his money by giving the media more of what it wants: outrage, with a heaping side of mocking humor. Modeled after the “nuisance committee” formed by Jewish prisoners of war captured by Nazis during World War II, the PAC is focused on agitating and provoking Trump, who they compare to Hitler. Co-creator Max Temkin’s grandfather was a member of the Nuisance Committee.

It’s opening salvo is a huge billboard on the outskirts of Chicago’s O’Hare airport which challenges passersby with this question: “If Trump is so rich, why didn’t he buy this billboard?” There is also a plug for where the follow-up is “If Trump is so rich, why didn’t he buy this website?” There, visitors are treated to generous helpings of reports about Trump’s creative tax evasion tactics and hypocrisy. The campaign is aimed at millenials, the game’s biggest fans. More billboards are planned in strategically locations near campuses and battleground states, and perhaps even a blimp.

In an interview with bloggers at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Temkin explains why the Trump is winning media. “He sort of arbitrages the media’s unstoppable need for Trump stories by saying crazy stuff and getting millions of dollars of earned media whenever he tweets… But we also started thinking, we have an ethical responsibility to use all of the tools at our disposal—design, comedy writing, copywriting, all these things that we’re good at—to do whatever we can to resist Trump.”

And finally, “I feel like we are able to exploit the media’s thirst for Trump by doing these sorts of jokes. The more we can pick these provocative issues and do them in a surprising way, the more we’ll get our share of the media on the other side. Turn that tactic that’s been working really well for Trump against him.”  Read the full Q&A here.