Amber Heard’s Masterful Stroke Strikes the Right Tone

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Divorce is hell. Even for rich celebrities. The case of Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp has all the markings of a trip to the deep dark recesses of human evil, including allegations of abuse and widely circulated images of bruises on the internet. The only bright spot on this smoldering pile of hate is the windfall for two charities.

In a masterful stroke of public relations, actress Amber Heard promised to donate the proceeds of the divorce to two charities, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union to help victims of domestic abuse. In doing so, Ms. Heard killed two birds with one stone, simultaneously silencing those who accuse of her being a gold-digger while raising awareness for domestic abuse. It was a brilliant move.

Not to be outdone, Team Depp has taken the unusual step of sending the money directly to the charities on behalf of Team Heard. Going on the offense expedites the money transfer, but more importantly, it eliminates the opportunity for Team Heard to create publicity a second time when she turns over the check. This is also a brilliant move.

Team Heard quickly responded by challenging Team Depp to prove their direct payment isn’t a sneaky way to gain tax advantages by DOUBLING the donation to $14 million, thereby compensating for tax write-off.

No word yet on Team Depp’s next move. Don’t let us down.