Fake News Wins

Embed from Getty Images

How does fake news win? The same way used car salesmen win – by encouraging us believe what we want to believe. Fake news wins when:

  • We believe stories that justify our biases, even if they defy logic and are contradicted by evidence we see with our own eyes.
  • We “like” fake stories on social media, to gin up support for our beliefs even when we know the stories are not true.
  • We embrace the loudest, the brashest, most vehement evangelists on our side because they have the courage to spread our beliefs whether or not they are illegal or immoral.
  • We disrespect, disparage and bury the truth when it threatens our beliefs.

To fight off the influence of fake news, we have to be willing to believe evidence we see with our own eyes and resist the temptation to believe stories that support our biases but are too good to be true.


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